Sunday, December 14, 2008

My past catch 031

Date:Aug 08, 2007

Hello guys the same old gang of people we went luring over the weekend again but dreamer fall sick so can't join us, it's all started like hmm 9pm saturday night all of us meeted up along the road side after everyone had arrived we move on the our fishing ground. Tide was still low but was about to rise

ok lets try try

Eveyone splited up along the dark breaker casting for about 1hour or so but still no one landed any fish only encounter some misses, WTH where are all the fishes man i have almost try all the method liao but still no results lol . then fishmanokbl and sticko came over my side so the 3 of us sit and relax talk a bit kuku storys lol, 15 mins later we went back to work this time i'm going to try fast retrieve , on my 4th cast with fast retrieve when my lure was just 3ft away from me a fish took my lure in surprise. This was so funny i was like dancing cha cha why? becos this fish can't even pull any of my line out and i can't pull the fish up so is like dancing cha cha . Fish keep jumping up and down along the breaker i do not know what to do so i shoutted for help

Dear sticko ran over and boga it up lol you know how heavy was the fish? lol it was 4.5kg kim lol cant even pull my 1kg plus drag

Ok here's the pic

Fishmano this is for you kekeke see my teeth



End of cr

CR Lure's Graveyard 29/09/05

Finally yesterday i got some saltwater action too.
Started luring at around 6.30 in the everning alone and tide was coming up slowly, had some rain drops not much action of bait fish, .

After 2hrs i'm so tired so decided to call it a day, on my way back, out of a sudden i saw a big splash on the surface so quickly took out my lures and start casting again. 30mins later i went for my dinner i knew tonite might be a good chance of getting something kekeke

9.30: i was back at my playground ,plenitful of action tryed so many lures but they seems like not interested in the lures .

So i decid to try out my Brand New Maria XJ3 from box . First cast of tat new lures i hit a 3.5kg kim , after landed the fish Gemini joined me and he had 2 hit but the fish just missed the maria XJ 4



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