Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday - monday morning


Me, ibr and sh as usual went fishing in the morning together, on our way there the weather looks a bit scary. We started fishing around 7am landed a few baby PB's and baby tomans, then when sky starts to cry lol we ran out to ibr de car to hide for awhile.

15mins later the rain stopped we went out again to fish at the same hole before the rain, but to my surprise there was 3 anglers there liao lol i'm quite sad lor cos the hole had limited space. In the group there was a lady angler look very familiar think me and SH saw her pics in fk recently the nick is (mao)

Ok nvm that lol they leave the hole and moved on to other hole but for the next hour no takes at all lol

so we call it a day


Today i'm a zero fighter hahaha

This morning the same 3 go to hunt for temensis but they are not there today hahaha leave and go for breakfast then go to another spot to try our luck lol baby toman and small PBs again ... for ibr and sh







AG WTS fishing stuff

Selling Her fishing stuff..

Pioneer Twin Peak Graphite
Model : TP-2.1m
Line Class : 8-15lb
Action : Medium
2 piece rod
Cont 6/10
Asking for $30

Seahawk Jiging Series
Red Scorpion RE562HSJ
Max Drag : 11kg
Jig Wt : 120-300g
P.E. : 3-6
2 piece rod
Cont 8/10
Asking for $50

Altima LJ Taurus
Model : 56-13S
Light Jigging Spinning Type
5'6" PE Line 1, Max 3
Max Drag 5kg
Jig wt. 50g
2 piece rod
Cont 7/10
Asking for $50


Daiwa Freams 4500J Spinning Reel
Exterior Cont 7/10
Interior Cont 8.5/10
Comes with powerpro line but forget what lb already
Box MIA. Should be in room somewhere will try to find again.
Asking for $100

For photos and contact detail pls visit