Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toman pond 20.0610

After a night of fishing in ah tiong pond on saturday night , sunday morning went home to sleep all the way till late noon then i woke up. After washing up my stuff i turn on my TV, got some sms from friends.... but 1 sms really shock me abit.

"Alan we are on the way to your place liao get ready your stuff we go toman pond"

So i packed some lure this and that....

Alvin called me saying they reach my hse liao hahaha

Off we go to the toman pond .....

From the past 2 trip to the place i am a little bit worry lol as the result on the past trip was not very good lor.

LOL me and alvin try our lures kinda hard but still can't beat the baiters. Now the pond had changed management , new management allows anglers using baits and they will provide Live tilapia.

From what they say each anglers will be given 7 tilapia for an hour.

If i don't remember wrongly lures only landed 1 or 2 tomans that day lol, me and alvin end up joined the baitting gang. LOL baits are still the best lor , need not to wait long fish take liao. But we are not using any wire leader hmmmm pros and cons la.

Becos if the fish deep throat the hook you may end up paying for the fish 1kg $7 for the fish, so usually if you are not using wire leaders you normal leader will break off if the fish deep throat the hook. Con will be Of cos you lose the fish la

You got the be very fast when a fish took your live tilapia, got to set the hook asap not letting it to take the whole thing in or else you will lose the fish.

Chanp of that day was still bryan he had the most takes and landed the most hahahaha.

Ok here are the pics of that day. lol actually not much pics everyone is busy fishing. 4 of us landed i think over 10 tomans.







This coming saturday me,ibr and mondo will be heading up to malaysia for some toman fishing kekeke on a boat somemore hahaha hopefully it will be a fun trip for us. i'll try to take more pics and videos back for you guys kekeke.


  1. take more pic and contacts ok kekeke... gd luck!

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  3. bro may i knw where is tis pond????

  4. Hi there

    the pond is located at Bottle Tree Park (Opp Yishun Stadium)

    For more info you can visit ""

  5. thanks bro is a cnr pond right???