Friday, June 26, 2009

Jigging Master Squid Hacker Bag

The Jigging Master Squid Hacker Bag


The Jigging Master Squid Hacker Bag are made of waterproof fabrics but of cos it is not waterproof, easy to be washed and cleaned, Very convenience when you need to change your jigs. Normally i will clean it with some wet tissue or wash it with warm running tap water once in awhile.

This was a birthday gift from my friends about 1 year ago, the Jigging Master Squid Hacker Bag are designed for Eging aka squid fishing. It is still in very good condition after 1 year of usage, i don't just bring it out to eging some time i will use it as a luring bag when i need to pack more stuff on trips

First i was kinda worry about the zip as you know la... saltwater are very corrosive, 1 or 2 of my bags zip corroded quite badly. But after 1 year the zip on JM Squid Hacker Bag are still good in condition.

The bag allow you to dispense 10 squid jigs in the outer compartment, 20 squid jigs in the main compartment, the removable case in the 2 compartment keep jigs individual separate and organized.

After removing the 2 plastic case you will have more space for your lures and stuff.

The design of the bag make changing of jig easier with the open and fall design.

Velcro flip open top cover main compartment.

Zipping outer compartment.

5 more smaller compartment around bag for accessories, water bottle,disposable raincoat and camera . It also has a few rings and clips for you to hang your stuff. Sling bag is a type of bag that is worn over one shoulder with a strap most of the time, so all the load will be on one side of your shoulder. JM squid hacker bag added a waist strap to share load for your shoulder and also a movable pad on the sling strap for more comfort slinging.

Here are the 5 smaller compartment

Front compartment


Side compartment



Back compartment

Both straps are removable

Call fishing buddy if you are interested of getting one kekeke


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