Saturday, December 13, 2008

My past catches 001

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date: 12 Nov 2005

friend pitted up me ard 10.45 pm off we go.....
Its an awesome cum incredible night , water was low mullet are flying ard us, hmmm i was thinking could today be a good night? Wait no more me & friend of mine casted out our maria XJ4 & 5 .

Our continual effort in the first half hours caught us notting at all, don't give up my friend. Try retrieve with a slow speed they might be attracted to the lures this way , after saying tat i had a hit on my maria XJ4 (O gosh it worked )FISH ON , FISH ON . Its a beautiful 2.6kg kbl Now we knew the luring technique for the night ( slow retrieve ) After a few more cast my friend had a hit too (bingo) a nice 2.8kg kim

Was quite surprising to hit 2 fish on lures on this spot, what a lucky night & so we decided to call it a day, let the pics tells you more

(GL 2 6-12lb , ZAUBER 2000 ,Maria XJ4)

Guys could you find the lures in this pic?


(Daiwa procaster X 8-17lb , shimano scorpion 1001 Maria XJ5


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