Saturday, December 13, 2008

My past catch 014

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date: Jun 28, 2006

This afternoon about 12.30pm my hands are getting itchy and start to think of going fishing , think and think lol finally i decided to chiong la.

Sms'ed a few of my friends see if they wanna join me not but no one is free hai.... so i have to go with tat lucky guy liao lor his the only guy tat is free this afternoon, my plan for today actually is thinking of going for egiing but (3.45pm) first reached upon the spot i saw a school of baitfish swimming ard the area luckly me i bring every little thing along eg: floating lures , diveing lures, metal jigs , squid jigs .

So i took out my metal jigs to try my luck, while i'm jigging i saw a fish trying to take the jig but to bad the fish missed my jig .

after 20mins of jigging something took my jig OOps it was a AC

here's the pics



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