Saturday, December 13, 2008

My past catch 005

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date: Dec 17, 2005

Yesterday evening was at beach rd wif a few buddy of my ,some rain cloud are just above us, are we going to fish tonite i asked ? The ans to my qns is ON la . ah sin got his new rod n hopeing to land something with it ,soon we decided to when back for our tackle . Off we go for another Night Luring Adventures

First Strike

The night was a windy night , we selected our own spot and start to cast , after a 20 mins of casting, it happened all of a sudden our hardcore lurer uncle koh did it again. It was a nice 5.2kg kbl 'Man of the night ' The fight of the fish looks great how i wish tonight i may hit 1 biger then his


After some pictures taken fish was released back to there he belongs

From far i saw ah sin he looked like his onto a fight as well , i ran over asked him (hmmm kena kim again? ) He tured ard looked at me his face was said: no it was a ah seng i guess . Hey man it was a big ah seng lei... it weighted a 2.5kg .

When i was busy taking photo
lh_nerd walked over with another ah seng on his hand ( hmmm is there any spot for clubbing ard i asked myself why so many ah seng huh btw hope we dun kena ah beng hor )

2.5kg ah seng


forgot weight of this sengster



After all pictures taken and released , 3 of us went back to our spot start casting again . 5 or more cast later i got an hit wah haha so happy its my ture to hit something kekeke ,you know wat ? kekeke it was a ah seng again man !!! dreamer walked over n helped me on unhooking the fish kekeke


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