Saturday, December 13, 2008

My past catch 013

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date: May 17, 2006

Good evening everyone kekeke as you guys had known yesterday was my birthday a friend of mine came over to my place around 8pm to wish me happy bird day lol , suddenly his guy asked me why never go fishing ar? come lets go fishing lei .

In my head i was thinking hmmm this guy crazy liao ar y suddenly ask me go fishing and his not the tpye of person tat likes fishing , anyway my hands are qutie itchy at the moment so i took some maria's and borrowed him a set up , so off we go

The tide was going up when we reached the spot, after teaching him some basic tactic about luring so we started to cast around here and there . after 30mins of casting hmmm nothing much at this area so i decided to move on to another spot .

This time i was alittle tired so i took a rest under a tree and my friend keep on trying his luck with the setup and maria i borrowed him . You know wat ? this guy was lucky on his first luring trip . while i was resting a fish took his lures and bang!!! he landed his first kim on lure

kekeke ok to much talking liao just to let you guys know while i was tpying this cr his also here at my place and asked me wanna go luring tonight lol i think his hooked into luring liao

ok ok here's the pics of this lucky guy and his first catch on lures



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