Saturday, December 13, 2008

My past catch report 003

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date:Oct 23, 2005

A unfortunately trip for the lure Angler's yesterday night .

Meeted up with all the lure angler's at 12am at our Night Luring Adventures spot . We had 3 new friends joining us in the group this time, they are some real hardcore lurer's i can say hahaha . There is no time to wait as the tide is riseing so 123 fast fast set up all our tackles .All 9 of us lured for about 1hr/45mins not a hit at all ,

So we made some kopi and relax 1 side hahaha but our most hardcore lurer uncle koh did not give up he keep casting his Maria into the water , than out of no there i heard someone shouted teo he liao!!! ,
all of us ran to see the fight tat kbl had given ,. The fight was just great jumped a few times out of the waters . Finally our handy man came over with his boga n boga it up.

Wow its a 5.5lb kbl , after all the photo taking o man the strong wind starts to blow and we knew the rain is coming so 456 safely released the fish ,pack up our stuff and end our trip

Member's of the group
Dreamer, locksteven, Jerry, eddieT, uncle koh , ah xing , and the 2 new friends i knew yesterday btw dreamer wats the name again kekeke can't remember

Hope my CR won't be to boring kekeke here's the pics

A 5.5lb kbl by uncle koh


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