Saturday, December 13, 2008

my past catch 007

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date: Apr 28, 2006

Guys after my tinggi trip my hands are still itchy of going fishing , while i was reading threads in the forum a friend called me up asking me to go fishing wif him without thinking YES i reply kekeke

it's ard 4am in the morning this friend of mine go crazy on his super 4 riding about 160km the cool wind really keep me awake lol

Heng heng we reached the spot in one piece and start casting out our lures , i was trying the new lure i got 1 or 2 month ago tat i removed the paint from the body on the 2nd cast of this lure i had a hookup onto a fish i tot it was a kim in the first place but end up it was really a surprising catch to me

It's an AC on lure man! it was my first time caught a AC on lures

After taking of the pics fish was back to where it belongs back to the open sea

so we keep on trying ard but the fish seems like not biteing anymore so we have to call it a day

here's the pics enjoy



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