Saturday, December 13, 2008

My past catch 010

This was 1 of my old Catch from my past now i will need to slowly bring them here to this blog

Date: Feb 26, 2006

Guys , went fishing with a few of my friends , got ourself 400gs of live Prawns thinking of doing some baiting seen it has been a very long time we have not did any baiting

It was a sunny afternoon all of us are BBQed for 2hrs under the hot sun non- stop spinning wif prawns . Had a few miss but i guess all are those small ACK and groupers in no time our Prawns are running out , and out of no where here came the most young anlger's with the catch of the day a small grouper . Soon after taking of the pics fish are back to his mama n papa


At this moment saw a huge splash from somewhere near by where we were fishing o god wat was tat GODZILLA fighting with the Resident Giant Lobster ? OOPs no bait liao HAHA lucky we had our lures with us, in no time i see flying fish all ard me lures are flying bait fish are jumping , lover's are kissing behind watching us Out of a sudden i had a very strong pull at the end of my line STRIKE IT and off it goes not knowing wat was tat till this fish jumped off the water , a nice looking Miss kim was on the line and i'm speaking with her on a 3G phone this is wat i call a live chat lol

Soon went i turned my head ard i found out the 2 lover's are not kissing any more but buying curry puff from 1 of the curry puff seller. Hey can i have 1 pls lol

Alrite cut the story landed this beauty after a few don't know how many mins of fight , here is a pics on me with Miss kim

7 kg

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