Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a boring morning

HAi..... WTH woke up this morning and was thinking of fishing again but look at the weather out side i sian liao, rain clouds all over hai~~~~~ so i guess today is not a good fishing day lol. anyway today i will be going to beach rd with some friends to rot around. Oh ya and to buy a pair of pro hunter split ring plier from AO. its an cheap and good stuff it cost below $10 SGD, i lost mine 2 weeks back lol i totally have no idea where i lost it. hmmm maybe later tonight i can post some pic of it here.

But now i'm thinking should i post my CR of the fw3 compy in forum ~~~~~~~ or just let it be just in my blog hahaha well~~~~ i dont know, maybe

btw i have a temp job for about 1 month if any of my friends out there wanna look for a temp job give me a call before X'mas


  1. What temporary job? Kekekeke

    Anyways, don't bother posting it up there la... Just give them a link to here... then you can moderate the replies and stuff... The place is slowly turning into ghost town liao... only the sellers are coming in and out.

  2. i second that.. don't bother.

  3. My stand is up to you lo.
    But If I were you, I will just put it here. Hey, that place is no longer " where people get together" anymore.
    Only " where MY VERY OWN KAKIS whom I pi bin get togerther"
    I am not one of the kaki, are you?

  4. what is "pi bin"??

  5. Alan don't bother... Roger told me about Vincent. About Banzai asking you to take more pictures of the competition to post in FNR issue. As your friend, I think its time for you to let go of his hands and go your own way liao. What for? No use la... Alan now works for Alan liao... Banzai ditched us remember? In time it might happen to you too...

    Sorry ar bro if I sounded abit harsh, but its true. I just don't like to see my friends being used again and again.

  6. Aiyah can't edit leh... Hahahahahaha... Don't get me wrong huh... Its been you from the start. I've seen nothing more than Banzai riding on your glory and name... Time for you to let go of his hands and walk alone bro... Don't worry, your friends are always behind you... Who needs fishing kakis and fishing buddies when you can rely on true friends for support... Hahaha... damn we should put an edit button somewhere!! Hahaha

  7. i'm with momok.

    Time to let go of his hands and let him walk the walk.

  8. Momok, he had already ditched me together with you guys. i have already gaven up on him from the day i found out the true behind things he did. btw it is not vincent which passed me the msg.it from somebody else.

  9. whatever... just let go and know that at least still got a few of us around here. "what goes around comes back around.". he do such things to all of us, one day his punishments will be knocking at his door. dont worry. sooner or later only.

    i now waiting to see when will the next red color kana throw out by him.