Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My past catch 079 Catch and release whenever we could (changi offshore trip)

Last weekend a gruop of us went for a boating trip on changi waters, meeting up with everyone at changi V for breakfast and getting some stuff we needed, off we go to ah chongs boat. We plan this trip to do catch and release whenever its possible too and had spoken to ah chong about it.

Weather in the morning was great sticko had the first fish landed a flathead

Follow by a guest that has newbie luck with him, landed the biggest grouper of the day, he did not even know there was a fish on the other end untill someone tell him . LOL his blur and so are the grouper blur blur been reeled up

Ah chong moved from spot to spot in serach of fishes for us, most of the time each spot had some takers. I'm also kinda blur liao so let the pics tell the story i'll try to input if i can remember k

How i wish my newbies luck are still with me kekeke Guest had another fish on the samething happened but this time it was a AC

Lurer are always itchy of trying to trick fish to bite lol me and sh try jigs and rubber on and off during this trip but only SH had a small grouper landed on rubber

Most of the fishes we caught on this day were catch and released, only for the AC we did not release as ah chong said AC release ar the group of AC will run so we did not release the AC :quiet:.
Soon the weather starts to change lor
rain drooping liao lor
we run to hide lor

But during the rain we did not give up, our line are still in the water

Catch after the rain

There are fishes tat we do not take any photos or video i had no idea how much fish we had on this trip lol. Like i said before most fish were Catch and Released ( AC no release

This is a video we took to prove what we had done

Fight and release for the future

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