Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My past catch 069

Part 1

yesterday went fishing wif xris, not a very good day but still cought some small fish 5 ACK , 1 parrot / 1 big flathead . onli a pic of flathead been taken all fish are back into water for another day

flathead was cought on milkfish


Part 2

Wat a day to fish (17 Jun 2005)

hello everyone it's me again alan chan kekeke when fishing yesterday nite wif some kakis .desmond our new member landed a chemin n afew misses .

b4 we start fishing we wen down to changi to buy our bait n eat la after tat hor we go see see tackle ard

hai you know wat happen i step on some human shit wow who the hell shit there :s33: dan ok nvm so we move on to fish la wen we reached to spot our van kana stuck we used 2 or 3 hrs to pull the van out . dan at last we can start fishing liao.....

it's not the end yet kekeke rain was coming ,o man wat a fishing day ah yo i talk many many hor keke

desmond here's the pics o ya maybe of the rain i'm sick now tomolo you guys going back for revenge?


Part 3

CR mini fish cought today ( 04 May 2005 )

Hey guys today wen fishing wif cantona . last min trip keke started ard 3.15 pm
total fish cought
3 grouper, 2 of them are on lure's (storm rubber lure) 1 on dead Prawn

2 ack on dead Prawns

2 bigeye Travelly , 1 on dead Prawn 1 on tambam jig. missed 2

1 parrotfish

only few pics taken fish was back in the water for another day





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