Tuesday, December 16, 2008

night freshwater fishing trip on friday 12 dec 2008

night freshwater fishing trip on friday 12 dec 2008

As usual every friday night me and my friends will head out to fish either freshwater or saltwater but recently seems like we are more to the fresh kekeke. About 11pm we reach the first location of the night and it was also our first time there in the night, not very sure are we able to enter from the gate kekeke.

Looking at some of my friends catches motivated me kekeke .

Luckly everything seems smooth we started fishing after awhile of walking, our main target of the night was actually Sebarau. but from the past trip that we went to this location in the morning no Sebarau, PB or other fishes was seen only lots and lots of freshwater cat fish lol you don't even need to work your lures sometime when your lure just hit the water bang! goal keeper
Esp if you are using rubbers.

This is what we are worry about yesterday night , well........ kekeke we ended up catching the cats again.

River2sea humbug
3 inch Jackall Cover Craw

We fished for about 1hour 30 mins total only 3 cats i'm kinda sad as no Sebarau........................

Ok nvm lets go to another location for a try lol another illegal fishing groud . this is something sad about singapore freshwater fishing kekeke. Ibrahim the new luck sucking man sucked me and SH's luck away he landed a nice size tarpon with his sleepy Jackall Sride Swim Bait (Slow Sinking lure)

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