Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My past catch 074

Part 1

Ha its me again lol yesterday night went fishing a few friends till this morning with only a small todak landed . the whole night no bites at all This time the todak was landed on milkfish tat we buoght from top gear tackle in geylang now they are selling very good size milkfish for the big ones . btw just a reminder pls do throw the unwanted rigs in to the bin dont throw them ard on the grounds ,tat night i almost kena hooked by a 2 hooks apollo some day you might just get hooked by the rigs yourself if you dont keep the place clean

Rig used for this todak was a float =leader=hook=milkfish


part 2

It has been quite sometime since we have not posted any CR finally last few days Me, dreamer , steven , david and his 2 kids went fishing together again . Bought a 500g of live prawns weather was not tat good looks like it will rain anytime but dont care lol there is a shelter near by so no worrys kekeke . Saw some bait fish along the side hmmm this might be a good night to land something i guess

Baiting 4 luring 0

2 was caught by steven other 2 by david's son




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