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My past catch 077 TP trip 2008 11th july ( revenge fail )

Day 1 (11.07.08)

Reporting at Tanah merah ferry terminal 8.00am a total of 9 anlgers on this trip to tanjong pinang ah Jiang boat kansas 99,i'm actually not in the name list for this trip but somehow sticko are unable to make it so i have to take over his slot due to his leave was cancelled last min. After all the checking in of ice box this and that finally we are on the ferry (wavemaster) from the look on everybobys face i see they are waiting for this trip for quite awhile liao kekeke since we have about another 2 hour before reaching tanjong pinang some of them took a short rest on the ferry :doze1: ZzZzzzzzzz.....

Time: about 11.15am finally we are here in tanjong pinang! ah Jiang was there to welcome us with his ah mad as usual sending us, our rods and ice boxs over to the jetty. But in between the journey we will have 2 stop to fill our stomach and getting some drinks,snacks etc... stuff we needed at 1 of the supermarket.

First stop we were at 1 of the Bak Kut Teh selling store eating Bak Kut Teh that has the (pig blood cube) haha that was something i missed so much, as now in singapore you will never get to eat that again in here SG.

Yum Yum stomach full liao it's time to move on to the next stop, this supermart did not change a bit at all. Few years ago and now seems like nothing much had changed, while some of the others are shopping around in the supermart me and a few guys was waiting outside looking around, me taking photos then a man came over to stop me saying: no taking pic hor lol ok lor then i no take for now. mins later on the road side an car accident happened as usual we went over to take a look , oh man it was a ambulance hitted onto a moto well lucky enuff no injury but the man do not want to let the ambulance go, heard from our driver saying on the ambulance there are patients waiting to be sent to the hospital. Car started to horn as they are blocking the road after awhile of discussion finally the ambulance could send his patients to the hospital

The accident

Once we got all the stuff needed the journey continue....... i do not know how long did we travel but yes finally we get to see our beloved kansas 99 awaiting for us and some chat with ah Jiang off we go .....FISH HERE WE COME..................

Since we have lots of time before reaching the fish spot might as well get our tackles ready

Tackles and setting up


Oh ya not forgotten we still need to refill some fresh water from a small island it took us about another 30min before we really really make our move to the fishing spot. Sorry ar did not have any photos while they are refilling the water cos i'm busy casting my squid jigs :idol:

Well nothing was caught kekeke :idol:

Baits we were using for the trip was dead squid provided by ah Jiang but still the freshy netted squid will be the best bait ever

Uploaded a video on the deckie cutting the squid

This trip as usual uncle Lee got his trolling setup to TP again hope to have 1 or 2 tenggiri's for our lunch tml, But sadly this time round no hits at all and he also got a New rod up this trip for revenge. On his previous trip he broke his rod during a fight with the big fish at the other end of the line haha this time he got a new rod up for revenge!!!

(Yes he did hook up a big one but.....pls read what happen later on)

Next is our Mr ivan preparing for us the all time fav DIY sour plam drinks , simple and easy add sour plam into a bottle of water and dump into the ice box an hour or so haha its ready

............................................................ 3 hours later finally we reached the first location and started fishing but over this spot fishes caught were barracudas and some Leng Jiam, captain shifted spot to spot we landed some fish everytime he shift but all were table size fishes only like Ang Kuey,grouper, Kachi, Indian Snapper, ang ko li etc.... After the dinner everyone started to change over to their heavy setup preparing for the big ones, deckie switch on the light on both side of the boat standing by to net any squid that surface.

Well they did netted up some but not enuff once the fresh squid netted up were used, our kind friend Ivan joined them on the netting of squid somehow he caught the last 5 squid of the night and thats it! no more squid were found for the whole night. (A friend) took 2 from the 5 ivan netted and give 1 to Mr lock he turn back again and grap 2 more for spare(total he took 4) so we have 1 more from the 5. lol do not know who took the last pcs but nvm squid were shared with friends you take or i take who cares right? This is what friends are for....on the same boat right? On the same boat We fish as a team, and no lonerangers....

On and off yes we are still hitting fish but not the big ones sad.........

mins later i need to rebait my hook so i turn around asking dreamer ,hey is there anymore fresh squid ? dreamer passed me 1 from the ice box so i used it, (A friend) after awhile needed to rebait as well but found that the so call spare squid gone missing and started to #$%^&*@#^%$ abit. Hey com'on everything on the boat is shared la friend why so pissed off.

small case, small case lol

Finally the show started remember i did mentioned about uncle lee got a new rod up for revenge? haha yes the big one did came to challenge him again, some of us on the side of the boat had already cranked up lines for uncle lee to battle the big ones. 45mins later on the other side of the boat uncle lee's nephew also had a ray at the end of his line keke uncle and nephew team. I ran over to take some photos while uncle lee battleing the monster

LOL i'm just running around with the camara taking photos, soon the smaller ray was gaffed up by the deckie.

but uncle lee were still on the good fight from one end to another end. he have to move to the back of the boat so almost all our lines are up for him. more or less all of us wanted this big one to be landed after so long of fight. WOW 1 hour plus liao uncle lee started to get tired so he passed the rod over to his nephew and the fight continue.......i'm also standing by to take over if his tired but (A friend) was so kind enuff to volunteer taking over him on the spot before i could. So the battle continue haha finally the strong (A friend) pulled the monster up on the surface but he was saying to me if the ray try to run down again he will thumb to break the line , in my head i was like hey WTF break it?

On the first attemp to gaff, the deckie missed the monster its very normal that the ray will just dash down again same case for any other fish. but our (A friend) really thumb to break the line ha i'm not the only 1 to witness it, everyone was really up sad of the break off with out a word the rest turn and go. The (A friend) sounded a little proud telling dreamer hey if the fsh dash down i thumb to break the line if not everyone no need to fish liao) Oh was this his main intention to take over the rod Oh well only heavn knows...

Case close but on the look of uncle lee's face i could see some tears at the side of his eye (lol joking la)

After the break off i'm tried so went to sleep so not very sure what happen liao

[b]Day 2 (12.7.08)[/b]

The next morning dremaer woke me up for breakfast yum yum lol, somehow he told me another story of our A Friend . Last night ivan manage to net up 1 more squid for his own use and put it aside moments later A friend came asking (hey whos squid) , dreamer reply: o its my friend one he just net it up going to use liao, the A friend took it and walk away without a word both dreamer and ivan look at each other shaking their heads.

was this a revenge?

Well... the fishing carrys on after the breakfast as usual, during day time apollo rigs are most recommended, The captain will move spot to spot once a location bite rate slowed down to a stop. No more action… MOVE .. MOVE.... but fish landed were table size fishes like Ang Kuey,grouper, Kachi, Indian Snapper, ang ko li, parrot fish etc....

But the highlight of the day were jigging, one of us started to jig with 60g-80g jigs the first to visit us was an tenggiri, oh i was like OMG i did not bring any jigs up for this trip, soon Mr lock was on his jigging setup and joined in the fun. His the man of the day landing some good fighting fishes.

Oh man can't take it anymore liao my hands are getting more and more itchy so i asked Mr lock to borrow me some of his jigs kekeke so i'm now ready to join them too

Oh ya you guys might ask why is the jig on every pics the same hahaha it is becos thats the killer jig of the day.

Hmmm finally my turn to hookup something and it was my first tenggiri on jigs, once the deckie gaffed it my jig fly off from its mouth kekeke lucky me.... lol i put the jig back on for photo taking

Another nice one from Mr lock

soon Uncle lee came over as he also wanted to try out this game so he borrowed Mr lock's jigging setup for a try moments later uncle lee had a hookup on the jigs

Will he got poisoned keke? lets see what he will bring for the next trip ;X

mY 2nd fish of the day on jigs

after dinner catches was not so good , only some ah seng and batfish so nothing much to write about, but this night dont look good wind started to blow boat started to swing best of all no fresh squid so i when to sleep lol

Uncle lee net up a squid while i'm asleep, pic taken by dreamer

Day 3

lol dreamer was the one to wake me up again kekeke thanks bro

Its time to go home with our catches

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