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My past catch 076 Pulau Tinggi light jigging

Apr 25, 2006

Well guys we have just got back from a fishing trip in 1 of the island from malaysia (Pulau Tingggi ) to try out some light jigging fishing and it was my first light jigging
Friday night before we move off from singapore , we had a short briefing wif dave and had our dinner. Finally the driver is here and we moved off from beach rd on a 2 hour + Journey to the jetty where e boatman is waiting for us .
About another half hour journey to reach pulau tinggi , on the way there the boatman asked us if we wanted to go sotong catching but we are more interested in doing morning jigging for fish so we took some slp for the night but the boatman still went out to catch some sotong and came back in the morning, after our breakfast all of us are ready to go

Here we are out in the sea all for us started to fish , after a 15mins of hard work finally i got the first hit but on hook ups i missed it and i took everyone tat i got a hit but to bad i also missed it lol . suddenly i heard a drag running sound from my back and it was steven with his screaming reels, bending rod in hand well it lasted not long the fish came off but we knew tat the fish are starting to bite . Within half hour we missed quite a number of fish and also landed some small Trevally by dreamer and steven
(btw i do not know the name of those small trevallys they call it white fish in hokkien and we also forgot to take the pics ),
the boatman landed a small GT and i landed my first fish on jigs. A todak and it was a lucky 1 the hook was hooked on the body of this fish . Soon the fish seems like not biteing anymore and the sun was damn hot so we decided to head back for some rest . Lunch was ready soon after we got back out from the sea

Around 4pm and its time for us to chiong again this time the boatman bring us to a different spot with some surface action going on so we started jigging . In the first place we tot only todaks playing ard the surface but soon the boatman landed a barracuda lol this cuda almost jumped into me while the boatman was fighting the fish but luckly it hited onto the back of the boat . hmmm then hor i got seasick after tat lol so i need to take some rest so i changed my spot we david .
But still i never give up and decided to have some fun wif the todak so i took out my popper and rig it up , i guess it was my lucky day on my first cast a todak really took my popper but lol hook did not set properly came right out went i pull the rod up , so i continued to pop the popper back, but how knows a fish took the popper and ran real hard the fight was fun soon the fish was tired and i slowly pull the fish up to the surface surprisingly it was a Sagai, david helped me on landing my first Sagai thanks alot boss . Wow my fish Sagai on popper i was so damn happy lol and lol again i have forgotten about the seasick liao . After taking the pics i continued with the popping and again after a few cast i got hit by fish again this time i knew it was stronger then the first one my reel are screaming like hell it ran all the way to the reef area so dreamer asked me to add on some pressure and pull the fish away from the reefs lucky me kekeke the fish made a u turn and ran under the boat and go for a few more runs , (damn shiok ar )lol haha it was my 2nd sagai but stronger and bigger by abit . Thanks to dreamer for hepling me landing the fish kekeke . O and the boatman also landed another Trevally as well

This is the spotted trevally tat the boatman caught [img]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y127/Germshock/PIC_0042.jpg[/img]
steven had a miss on the sagai to but after tat the sky is getting real dark and its about to rain, wind was also strong so we have to call it a day and head back for our dinner (yam yam kekeke)
(sunday)The next morning me and dreamer went luring on the beautiful shallow water ard pulau tinggi and this time i had my first time encounter with a shark while i was standing in the water luring , this shark followed my popper right infront of me lol lucky again i'm to skinny on meat for him lol so it turn away back out to the sea

Well this have come to the end of my CR i would like to say it will be an unforgettable trip so many first time happen in just few days kekeke the boatman are friendly and so are his family really enjoy the stay

Hope you guys enjoy my CR too lol kekeke we will be back !!!!

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