Monday, December 15, 2008

My past catch 072

Aug 08, 2005

Hello everyone yesterday when for a last min trip to tj rhu wif 1 of my friend,
reached the spot n the tide was just going down so fast fast set up everything we need .
friends from tat spot is already there for a few hrs liao onli landed 2 small grouper .
he told me this spot is gone liao la n yes i agree wif him there are to many ppl casting nets over the yr liao fish will never get near to this tpye of place liao
last time this spot wholes many small or big fish along the side of the wall but now its very hard to catch a small fish . queenfish can up to 7kg ack threadfin etc all gone hahaha

but anyway friend of my is very lucky to land a queenfish yesterday its a small 1 but better dan notting m i rite

Bait used long kang fish



i'm not promoting the longkang fish n not selling it to anyone just to let you guys know tat this bait works in the wild too

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