Friday, November 27, 2009

Another sad and tired fishing trip last night

Last night after work i met up with mondo and hang around in beach rd for awhile then went over ibr's place for dinner. We decided to go for some sebbies hunting cos saw dave and his group of kaki had landed some recently.

Around 10.45pm we picked up sh and off we go to the fishing location. Hmmm it has been more than 6 months we did not visit this place liao, I still remember our previous trip there was terrible. We had mud all over our shoes, foots and hands lol free mud spa, but last night the walking in part is much more easy.

When we reach everyone started to grap their own fav lure and desperate to make the first cast, haha hmmm if i'm not wrong my lure was the first to hit the water.

But no takers

To cut short everything lol last night the place sucks big time we worked very hard with all kinda method and lures that works for sebbies but hai.... zero not even a take,so at about 1 plus am we call it off and went to macdonald.

After the food and TCS (Talk Cock Section) Mondo suggested to go for next round in the morning, at first i was like hmmm... tired leh but end up i decided to go for it kekeke. ibr and sh not joining us sad sad but lucky they did not lol. Me and mondo took a nap in his car till like 5.15am and drive off to the next location.


We was there at around 6.15am both of us started casting, our aim is the PB's but hai..... luck recently are not on our side. The wind start to blow, water gets really choppy oh man that was bad... usually this kind of condition sucks. Mondo only landed a small PB on the rubber ibr gave us quite sometime ago. the fish took the rubber once it droped into the water lol.

After releasing the fish we call it a day.

Sad man really sad fishing is getting harder and harder.



  1. LSR now very hard to get pb.

  2. very hard to get a good size pb at LSR nowadays.