Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another short luring trip to kill itch

Went for a short trip with jamie and sh 2 weeks back at one of the reservoir to kill some itch before jamie go for his NZ trip, when we reach somehow i felt it will not be a good trip lol as the wind was blowing strong that day. I don't know why but usually when there is wind the fishing will be sucky lol.

After we started casting our lures for about 15mins i heard a familiar sound from the back, the sound of a monster truck with the man standing there saying "HELLO" NO FISHING AR.....

After some chat with him hmmm his very nice and friendly he asked us to move over to the legal side to fish. Lol we waited for him to move off and went back fishing at the same area.

We also met a bangala fishing with handline he landed a peacock bass and you know what? he told us sheng siong supermarket is selling the peacock bass at 1kg $18, We was like WTF PB? 1KG $18? LOL

Anyway all fish we landed were released


  1. Nice catches! What short of retreive u used for the zebra tilapia? =) BTW, I never see sheng siong sell PB leh, which outlet he went sia.. =X

  2. Hi bro,

    I'm using sinking lures with slow retrieve.