Thursday, August 18, 2011

James boat last sunday

I had another trip on james boat last weekend with my kakis, the catch was not that good but was a relaxing trip.

Remember my previous trip with him? Click here to see haha we had a great trip with him we hitted the jackpot and landed quite a bit of barras. LoL that is why we booked another trip with him.

Luck was not on our side this time, fish landed that day was consider small. We did went back to the barra spot that he bring us the other time but nothing seems to be there. And the sad thing was there are some abandon nets where we hit the fishes.

We lost some jigs and rigs, many many lines and lol the spot if you know what i mean.

Somehow i realise something about james his a very organize person lol hmmm something like " Morning spot A follow by spot B, afternoon spot C, spot D, spot F then go home kinda thing" He bring us to the same place that he bring us on my previous trip. I somehow knew where will he move everytime he change spot lol.

But anyway i love his boat very comfortable and clean gives you the relaxing feeling.

Like i say luck was not on our side this time hopefully our next trip with him will be better.

Contact: James 9066-8324

Oh last but not least lol anyone know what is this call? lol it was so cool when it fly past our boat lol.

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  1. Well Alan its not like you to have a slow day fishing, But you still ended up with a bucket full of fish,
    As for the UFO how strange is that, I have never seen anything like it LoL,
    Great blogging as allways Alan,