Friday, August 5, 2011

The whites of southern islands

Our recent visit to the southern islands was quite a fruitful/fishful :) trip, all of us came back with smile :)

We went of at about 8am ... reaches the first spot to target the queenies,once the boat stops the fun started. We kept hitting queens all over the place we did not even bother the take much of the photos.

Most of the queens were released we did not even count how many we landed lol

40G Surecatch Flasher

After about an hour our boatman asked us, do you guys had enough of the queens? Lets go for the white fish or else later in the afternoon will not be a good time to go after them.

Oh ok lets go then

2 weeks ago ibr and mondo got themself the MAJOR CRAFT Go.Emotion 3-7lb rod from lure heavn, this trip they really tested the rod to the max. They hitted some good sized Longrakered Trevally,Bumpnose Trevally,Longfin Trevally and the Giant Trevally
on that rod. Jigs size from 10G to 20G as some parts of the spot we went the current was not that strong. When you are using small jigs you need to lower down your line weight in order to let your jigs to sink faster.

But 40G and 60G jigs are needed too in areas with strong current.

Storm Thunder Jig

Yozuri metallic sardine 30G

Having a break and taking shelter over the rain and strong winds at pulau hantu

Everyone is praying on that island lol hope the rain and wind wil go away. After about 45mins of wait the rain stopped, wind no long that strong. We went off to fish again.

Catch after the rain were still concider good mondo hitted a carol trout and a dubble hookups small GT's

LOL and more Trevally's

Lastly the best catch of the day on a 3-7lb rod MAJOR CRAFT Go.Emotion pairing with a daiwa luvias 2000 6lb fireline hitted a 9.5lb GT. The Gt took his small jig hmmm sorry i not sure how many grams its around 10g to 15g if i'm not wrong. But on that day small jigs hitted the most Trevally's.

Oh ya all 3 GTs was released

All of us enjoyed the trip hahaha thanks to Mr Ho ho ho :)

We will be back HO HO HO


  1. The last of the GT's was a great catch Alan, But they go like stink in the water, And the bend in the rod is unbelievable my rods would not take that strain haha,
    You all did well with some great fishing,
    Happy Days,

  2. May I know which rod length you are using for Majorcraft 3-7lb go.emotion, is it 6'3" or 6'6"?