Saturday, December 3, 2011


The new daiwa caldia 2011 model looks real cool lol looks like i'm gonna get it when its in sg.I had the older model of caldia it has been working good with me for about i think 4-5 years.

Was wondering will the new caldia be as good as the older ones? Nowadays things are not made to last,some new model from daiwa had some bad feedback eg the roto and gears problem etc... and the magseal thingy.

Real Four
Digigear II
Mag Sealed
Engine plate
Air Rotor
Twistbuster II
Waterproof UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag
Real Stopper
Infinite Anti Reverse
Tight Silent Oscillation
Spare spool


  1. Thats a great piece of kit,

  2. Its already in sg. Can check at fishing buddy. All sizes also have, but then, all fitted with shallow spool, so its weight is reduced, but also its line storing capability....

  3. Oh ok will drop by for a look.

    Btw heard of any reviews so far?

  4. So far no reviews leh, since the white caldia is not in the market for very long... From the outside, looks like the old freams kix lolx... Just that the carbon fibre look-alike strip at the spool looks stylo only.. haha.. Quite light though, cos of the Zaion body. Anyway, there is another model out about same price also, daiwa ballistic. looks like upgraded version of new freams. its only available at top gear located at kallang mrt vicinity. can have a look too. pricing almost same as caldia.

  5. Ok thanks bro,

    But i think the new caldia are made in china, so was a bit turn off. I'm not against china product but lol got to be more careful. Our iphones all from china too.....

  6. Haha the ballistic also MIC if i'm not wrong. Their QC looks ok from the way i look at it. Been using the new freams 2k for awhile now, still handles quite well even with GT. I think thai QC is worse though. Gotta strip apart the reel and re-grease most parts!

  7. A friend of mine is going to get the reel soon lol wait for his reviews first hahaha.

  8. Haha keep us posted. I will review my ballistic too. Just shipped a set from the US!