Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GUSA SW 79XF 12 - 25lbs, 7"9 spinning

Adding a new rod to my collection

Model : GUSA SW 79XF 12 - 25lbs, 7"9, Spinning
Components: Fuji guides and reel seat
Sports handle seperated by a screw on nut. Bought it from Nigel who almost didn't use it at all. He only used it once for casting some poppers.

Probably near mint condition. Guides are in mint condition. Almost no scratches on blank. but there are some sticky stuff on it need to remove it myself

Great for medium light popping at Rompin, Pekan or even shore casting. Toman popping may also be a great idea.

Just a rod that i'm looking for Nigel somehow help me save $260 as i'm planning to get another rod which cost $450 :x

Nigel i copy your post hahaha and edited it a bit hahaha.
Oh ya and pics hahaha dont shoot me k

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