Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My second trip to Desaru in malaysia

Hi guys,

This was my second trip to Desaru with some of my friends. Ron,Jarrett,Taufik and jason. Jason is our fishing guide for this trip. hmmm ok somehow his paid to fish lol but well~~~ he still do a good job. If anyone is interested to hire him for trips to Desaru do drop me a msg here.

We had some simple food along the way to desaru.

His face tells you about the food lol

Small village by the sea

Mama and her chicks so cute~~~

He can't wait to get his hands on these fishes haha

Look at his face... his face tells you he can't wait to get his hands on these fishes haha

Our main target for this trip was actually the Tenggiri (Mackerel) at a diff location from TU light hse. But we told jason we wanna do some light jigging in TU first.

But lol this trip was not good we only manage to get some queenfish and my 1 and only skipjack tuna bonito. Heard many friends say in desaru if we go at the right season the bonito's are all over the place.

bonito's blood all over the plcae lol

In the afternoon we moved and went off for the Tenggiri but nothing was landed after that. Taufik hitted a big cobia but did not manage to land it, hook came off... sian...

Oh ya the boatman is very nice and hard working, will update my trip with him on 16 may 2011. My birthday trip :) soon the next time i got more time :)

Sorry ar old man liao, old man slow a bit hope you guys don't mind lol

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  1. Hi Alan,
    The fish are being crafty and hard to catch, But you all look as though you catch some good one, Well done,
    All the best for your Birthday and have a great trip,