Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot spot tackle moving out

Hotspot tackle will be moving out and will be closed for awhile for 2-3 months till they found new location. This is what was told by wen long, hai.... sad 1 more fav spot gone hopefully they will be back soon... but the new location will not be in beach road anymore.

Anyway they are having a sale recently but i had no time to go over, yesterday last min had some time me and mondo hop over lol. We got some lures at very good price hahaha

Each lure for only $5.00 and when i got home then happen to see the price tag, price range are from $17 to $19.......


  1. You had yourself a great bargain there Alan, I would have used them the next time out,
    Good Luck with them,
    I cant wait to see the results,

  2. Hey,

    Some nice Australian lures there, congratulation on the bargain!

    Have a good day.