Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where are the big ones

Yes as above lol where are the big ones?

It been a while i hitted barra's above 3kg and i'm still stuck with my personal record of 7kg. Where are all the big barra's in the wild go...........?

Oh well at least there are still fish on this trip, small but we had some fun with them. Me,mondo,sh and aylwin met up in the early morning for breakfast at changi V before heading to our fishing location.

It took us not long to reach there hahaah maybe this could help you guess where is the fishing location lol. Anyway tide was out going we had no time to waste, once we reach everyone start to set up and cast. If i don't remember wrongly mondo hitted the first fish of the day, it was a small barra on his yozuri L minnow.

The weather started to change rain clouds are all over us,within like 20mins lol it rain the 4 of us ran for shelter. Luckly the rain was not that heavy or else the water condition for that area will be very bad and we might call it a day.

Surprisingly after the rain the fishes go crazy sh and aylwin kept having takes but no hook ups, both of them at least had 4 miss 1 after another on the left hand side. LOL how could it be man..... why my side no fish ar?

Or they don't like my lure? lol all this shit start to come of from my mind. hmmm so i took out my all this fav ima sobat 80S and work it with all my heart mind and soul.

I'm working it with twitches and letting the lure sink to the bottom, during the drop a small barra took my sobat!

After the release of my fish sh landed another barra on L minnow if i'm not wrong hahaha. The fishes are going crazy......... i had another barra on my white humbug

all the barra took our lures on the drop kekeke hope this could help you guys, but letting it sink to the bottom higher the snagging rates so be careful kekeke.

Poor aylwin he did not land anything during the fun hours, so the itch butt decided the disturb the mud skippers lol and he got what he want, mud skippers on rubber........Soon sh also join in the fun.

Last but not least a small herring by SH our super hero.....before we call it a day.

BTW i lost my sobat on this trip anyone has the same colour sobat wanna sell pls let me know as lure haven don't have that colour liao, lol top selling colour always no stock de hai......

Oh ya chop hock heng came in some new lures i had posted some photos up in fishing kaki you guys can go take a look :)


  1. LOL WTF MUDskipper!!! big fish coming soon bro next week...

  2. Some really good Fish being caught, The mud skippers are a great fish, Never see them here, but they do look fun to catch,