Thursday, March 31, 2011

The unlucky todak

Hai recently fishing in sg is so.... boring. NO PLACE , NO FISH = BORING.... Me and jarrett went fishing on 1 of the sunday hmmm forgot which date liao lol. Anyway we somehow read the wrong tide lol so ended up got to change from A spot to B spot lol. This trip our target were the queenies so we worked our lures fast hopeing that the queen will bite. but hai.... after like don't no how many cast still no sign of them. I started to do crazy things liao lol, whenever jarrett made a cast i'll cast my ima honey trap 70S right behind his lure. And start chasing his popper and you know what.. a todak kena foul hooked by my crazy ima honey trap on the surface. I kinda like the ima honey trap esp when it sinks, normally most sinking lure when it sink it sinks straight. But the ima honey trap will wobber while it sink, this may trigger a take during the fall. oh ya and this lure can really fly hahaha very good casting lure.

Honey Trap 70s Type of lure: Stick Bait Weigth: 14g, Length: 70mm. Honey Trap 95s Type of lure:Stick Bait Weigth:95s-25g Length:95mm


  1. Well you could post me the 95mm one the way my luck is going at the moment i would probably blank even with that haha, But it does look the part, At least your able to foul hook them haha,
    Good Luck,

  2. Paddy

    If you want it i can help you get and post to you if you want. give me your address i'll check the cost.