Thursday, September 16, 2010

Night ops after work

This was a recent trip after work with my kaki's, reach location at about 8pm we spend about 30mins walking in to the fishing spot. Water level was kinda low lol we had to risk ourself by going down the breaker, as you know some breaker are fking slippery.

For the first hour we try minnows and poppers but it seems like the fishes are not around lol no takers at all, so i took out my Crankee Deep Diver 70 for a try.

It was like about 10 cast with it i hitted a small grouper that took right infront of me lol my rod was to powerful for the fish liao hahaha once i strike the fish just fly up to behind and landed on the breaker hahahaha

Rod: G-loomis IMX 8-15lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa BRADIA 2500
Line: Casting PE #2
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Crankee Deep Diver 70

We went off at about 10pm as everyone has to work the next day but we will be back for more kekeke.

This weekend i'll be heading to kong kong river with TT.......

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  1. Great fish Alan, I will have to get me one of them Silver Crankee deep divers,