Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mini Barra on friday

Recently my fishing was kinda slow so not much to update on my blog lol, last week i had a long weekend but did not get to fish much. My company went to genting so hock heng sg and my is close for 2 working days, me and alvin did not went up with them as we don't gamble.

"Pls don't tell me don't gamble also can go see see as i don't think there will be things that interest me lol"

But well.... yesterday me and my kakis went to one of our old spot to kill some itch, aylwin was lucky enuff to land the one and only fish of the day.

Fish landed on stillhunt

Small but at least something lol

after released the fish we moved deeper to the actual location but we were shock to see wat we saw lol, a group of foreign talent in singapore doing net casting and putting up nets all over the place. The whole place was like shit lots of rubbish on the ground,abandon netsssss. I had a take at that area but did not had a good hook up, went they start casting the nets we gave up and move to another spot to try our luck.

When on our way there i said lol if the other spot got foreign talent again how huh... lol


When we reach ....

Yup there were 2 of them net casting there liao %^&^&&*#$@$ lol

OK i think that the end of our fishing spot. I don't think i will be back for a long time lol.

Oh ya just to share a pics with everyone a pics of a huge Snake . head


  1. Good to see your back trying to fish wheren the nets are, Aylwin did well to catch in what looks like a puddle lol, I wouldn't mind a fish the same weight as the Python hahahahaha,
    Best regards,

  2. You are still my hero! Nets are no good for sport fishing. Sorry they moved in on an old spot. Wishing you the best!

  3. Thanks for the comment guys, well i guess we will not be visiting there anywhere soon hahaha .