Monday, July 27, 2009

Strike Pro Crankee Deep Diver 70

Got myself a few strike pro diver recently so tot of trying it out again after the trip with wenlong, its been quite a while i stop using deep divers becos as you know before the strike pro came in.

Divers in our market are so expensive lol compared to those i got few years back, like the rapala rattlin fat rap and daiwa TD CRANK SCOUTER F-G 1075. But my collection of those wonderful divers are getting lesser and lesser due to high snag rates. LOL i'm poor to use or buy the 20-30 over dollars deep divers as a hard working trip sometime can end up losing a few of them. Another reason for stopping using diver is also becos we had not much spot to use them.

Luckly now we have the Strike Pro Crankee Deep Diver ,they are one of the best diver around its cheap and good. I got mine in hotspot at $7.50 each but only a few colours are available and they are going fast.i guess many grouper lovers already have them stocked up in their lockers kekeke.

Model: Crankee Deep Diver 70 JL-037
Body Length: 7cm,2-3/4"
Weight: 21g,3/4oz
Hook-VMC: #4
Depth 3-5 meter






The lure produces an active motion even at slower speeds retrieving and good casting . The rattle system is loud and i find that rattle gives a higher rates of hitting the groupers. The finish on the Strike Pro lures are also quite well coated the paint won't chip off that easily compared to some of the japanese lures.

Oh ya i advice to change the VMC hooks to a better ones, seriously the given VMC hooks are not strong enuff

Deep Diving lures can be a great searching tools for groupers along the breakers if you know how too.

Last saturday night me ,sh and jarrett went for a fishing trip in the evening, when we reach the first location we bumped into 3 more anglers which is baiting at the same fishing ground. Oh man i saw a dead cat fish on the ground caught by them, i guess we bumped into some bad hearted anglers again. I took the dead cat fish and throw it back into the water, this way at least some other thing might eat it and won't put it into waste.

After setting up our stuff we started casting but nothing seems to be around it was a boring evening. one of the 3 anglers again caught a small puffer fish, the way she unhook the fish was like the fish killed her mother or father after unhooking the fish she KICK the fish like a football into the grass beside me.

I am so angry when i saw what she did to the fish, so i turn around took the fish and released back into the water. Moments later the ultimate happens again she caught another small puffer fish, guess what she did? this time she throw the fish back BUT...... BEFORE SHE DO SO SHE SLAM THE FISH ON THE GROUND KILLING IT FIRST BEFORE SHE THROW IT!!!


i just do not understand why there are such poeple around if you don't want the fish you caught pls don't kill it, release it ALIVE pls.

The 3 anlgers leave the place at around 7pm i'm so glad that they leave the place lol

Sh got a nice mud crab on his storm rubber


And thats the only catch for the next 2 hours at this location, actually i'm waiting for the up coming tide for the next location i plan to go. so me, sh and jarrett went for some drinks and rest untill the water came up and moved over to the 2nd fishing location.

My target at this 2nd location will be the groupers so that i can try the strike pro Crankee Deep Diver at this nice looking breaker kekeke. On my first few cast hitting and digging the rocks along the breaker i got an small Baktao but did not manage to bring it up. LOL after that i almost lost my diver to the rocks , luckly it came out after some pull .

SH had a close take on his ima sasuke 120 but i don't know wth was he doing lol the fish got away within secs.

I'm so lucky after i got back my diver kekeke i had a nice 1.5kg tiger grouper but the fish looks really weird lor

LOL look at the photos and you will know what i meant

Rod: G-loomis GL2 6-12lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa caldia kix 2500
Line: Tuf line 20lb
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Crankee Deep Diver 70




Fish was catch and released

Our very last catch for the trip was a kuku landed by SH



Fish was catch and released

We will be out tml hope to get some groupers kekeke


  1. Bro your page is wonderful and as much as you hate people killing their catch and let it rot some where...i hate people going fishing and brag about it but not telling where it was for other angler to go...well my 2 cents worth...
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  2. Everyone see things differently.

    maybe you can say ppl which don't share spot WITH PPL WHICH THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW AT ALL are selfish or what ever but we don't mind that. as long we know what we are doing are good for us and our friends we knew.

    Have you ask yourself why ppl don't share spots? esp with ppl they don't know?

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