Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short trip to FW3

Tuesday night after having dinner with jarrett and friends we decided to visit FW3 to kill some itch. Oh ya now fw3 only open 24 hours on weekends, 7pm to 7am on weekdays so if you guys are heading down pls take note about this.

Necro and TT recently had a trip there as well and they told me that the fishes there seems to be taking flies nowadays, so i bring along some of my flies to see if it really works kekeke. That night not much anglers around we start fishing at about 11pm, first i try casting around with some rubbers here and there but hmmm no takers at all.

OH well i think i should try those flies i tie kekeke

And you know what lol after a few cast i got a nice playing barra. all i did was twitch twitch pause-twitch twitch pause. My line went out during the pause, when the fish came in then we realise that it was a foul hook on the head of the fish.

I did not even set my hook.


After releasing the fish back into the pond i carry on with the twitch twitch pause method and after a few more cast lol i hitted another fish. Fight was good.... when the fish came up to surface, wow it was a pacu my first pacu on artificial.

This one was NOT a foul hook liao guys the fish took the flie during the pause, flie was hooked on the mouth of the pacu.



Before we call it a day i hitted a bigger fish which i can't manage to bring it up for photos hai.... it could be a chao phraya catfish. But never mind lucky the hook came off or else i'll be fighting the fish for another hour or so, then the next day no need go to work liao lol.

Jarrett was sad as he did not manage to get any fish that night.


  1. Jarret dun be sad...kekekeke

  2. Really nice fish. Well done.

  3. TT , i'm sad also lol my most recent 2 trips i zero fighter big time! on that 2 trips ibr , sh and mondo total landed about 8 fishes , i ZERO!!! sad sad