Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What do you think?

Guys this post is nothing about fishing lol, just wanna see what do you guys think about this.

Which is.....

How much/long can you tolerate if your staff comes to work late almost 20 working days in a month?

Here's what i knew

our standard working hours are from 9.30am to 6.30pm

1 year plus ago this person ( We call him "super number 2" )was almost everyday late for work, . he came at 11 plus sometime even came at after 12pm.

I guess my boss really do not know what to do at that time as maybe not enuff manpower

So my boss was so kind that she adjusted this number 2 working time to 10.30am to 6.30pm but yet till now his still late for work.

9.30am cant make it to work boss adjust to 10.30am still can't make it to work, what kinda ppl is this lol. And he kept telling ppl that his pay was the lowest in beach rd but di he tell ppl WHY? LOL i guess you should know why by reading the above.

There are still alot more shit about him which i think i need to spend 3 day 3 night to finsh it if i were to write them out lol

This has been going on for years liao i just do not know why my boss still can tolerate it.

NO one is happy working with him

Btw i do not know how long can i keep my cold too lol


  1. Aiyah bro... don't need to fret about him la... he's just one of the special breeds of people that you can find in any workplace. Anywhere you go, you'll sure to find one Champion... and sometimes you don't even need to look hard.

    From what I can observe, the only reason why the boss is so lenient on him is cos of his sales record... you and I both know what this means. So long as his customers keep buying, it won't even matter if he came to work after lunch. He can complain all he want about his monthly salary... its just a stupid excuse... as long as he is in the boss's good favor.

    No need to think about him la... let him rot one side.

  2. I would have fired him on the second day. I hate people who are late.

  3. Wonder what'll happen if your boss starts paying by the hour?

  4. bro.... what matters is u care about your own job. champions will always exist no matter where we go... keep your cool...itz not worth it ... cheers

  5. Yah jus leave him alone, scum like him are everywhere. I experienced this before and I noe exactly how u feel. But what can we do?? Mine is worse as she sometimes come after lunch time! T S might be right as ur boss cud hav tolerate him becus of his sales record.

    Jus ignore him...not worth to fret over a parasite like him.

  6. There are lots more to tell lol his not just a normal scum kekeke, I think me and alvin's back got lots of knife liao. As both of us felt his bad mouthing us from our back by twisting things around.

    He don't serve walk in customer at all , and sometimes he will wait for us to serve first then wait for opportunity to grap that customer you serve in the first place.

    I remember once i serve customer halfway and i need to take something to show that customer, i turn back only his talking with that customer liao.

    Another case was alvin had a customer , sale confirm liao his going to buy something which worth about $200 plus when alvin went to take the stuff this number 2 intro the customer to get something which cost only $40 plus. End of the day sale close at $40 plus , just becos of that fuker

    LOL i think i better not say to much later my back got more knifesssss

    I felt pity of him sometime.

  7. If you want to see the silver lining - he makes you look good in your boss's eyes :)

  8. All around got this type of people one.. :) What goes around comes around!! That's what I believe. As long you know you do your jon properly and cover yourself it's good!!!

  9. Hey methew hows fishing recently. Today i had a customer he do kayak fishing also , pearly intro him the bandit diver from my shop. I think you also might know him, i intro him the hong kong hook to try while kayaking kekeke. you should try it too.

    Most of the place i think will have such ppl around lol

    Well only think i can do is i do my job and see how long can he last lol.