Monday, May 31, 2010

My Pinky GLX

Recently Roger helped me to build my G.Loomis GLX in a rash for my local offshore trip on vesak day, Well.... all i can say is I LOVE THE ROD VERY MUCH! Its super sensitive and light, alvin also told me that this rod the casting will be sick, "SICK" as in it can give you a good casting distance effortless.

Oh Ya the first fish on my GLX was a nice parrot fish kekeke , i'll do a write up after i collected all the pics

But on my offshore trip i'm unable to try how good can it cast, i only use it for bottom fishing kekeke. SO yesterday me and SH went for a luring trip to test the rod out. i have been dry for quite sometime liao damn sian.... but finally i manage to break the egg on luring. And also amazed by the casting distance i get on my GLX, Its really effortless lor.... just a light cast the lure fly like no tml lol.

This was the fish that broke the egg, a small wolf herring on Ima sobat 80s.

Rod: G.Loomis GLX (custom)
Reel: Daiwa theory 2000
Line: Fireline 10lb
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon leader 30lb
swivel: NT swivel #6
Snap: seahwak snap #2
Lure: Ima sobat 80s
Taken on fast retrieving



Before we call it a day i hitted a flathead but no pics taken as fish drop back into the water.... lol

Stay tune for my local offshore trip on vesak day, it will take sometime for me to prepare it kekeke

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