Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lonely Squids

Few days ago me,mondo and momok went for a short eging trip after my work. Heard from some customer saying that ponggol jetty de squids are back liao. So i decided to give it a try at one of the spot that we use to catch quite a bit of squids.

Tide is coming up at 11.30pm highest we were there about 3 hours before trying very hard, but hor nothing seems to be working....

So i tot of working the squid jig on the surface as i knew sometimes they are on the surface lol. After a few try i hooked a small squids and that was the only one for that night lol.


We call it off at about 11pm, sad sad they are not there yet maybe they are still in ponggol swimming their way to our xxxxxxx spot lol.

Oh ya we had a great trip today kekeke , will post up the pics soon once i collected all the pics from ibr.

BTW happy chinese new year to all.

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