Friday, January 8, 2010

Snapper landed by team chilli at 1 of the old playground

Just came back from fishing with mondo haha finally today he landed his first fish of year 2010. But first will like to share with you guys that chop hock heng which is the tackle shop that i'm working now lol has some camo design rod tubes in stock, price range are from $19 to $23 i'll put up some photos and details soon kekeke.

Ok back to the CR

Today just after work mondo give me a call and asked me if i wanted to try a old spot for 2 hours that we has not been too for quite sometime, hmmm so i told him lets chiong... ar.... before its too late lol. Mondo picked me up at ard 9pm at my place and about 20mins we reach our fishing location . Wow to much of changes liao sia.....i almost tot we went to the wrong place lol.

But anyway cut short the story k cos its a bit late liao got to work tml morning lol. Mondo hitted a small snapper with the gary yamamoto ika. Fish tot the rubber when its sinks to the bottom lol its like the fish is waiting for his rubber to drop hahaha.

ok heres the photos

SH... this coming weekend we must whack team chilli...... hahaha

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