Friday, May 29, 2009

Another 11lb cuda for me this week

On wednesday night we were there again for the cuda's and so are the group of surf anlgers i do not know what they have been catching they were there 3 nights in a roll maybe some catfish i guess ( as they kept shoutting Usat!) their behavior is sick, shoutting and singing like nobody business. Nothing wrong about that in a way....but the place where we were i don't think they should do that and pls clean your stuff before leaving.

Alright nvm about that just enjoy the place while we still can, news will pass from mouth to mouth there is nothing we can do about it.

We started casting about an hour before the maximum tide, not much of bait fish around but there was small tiny fishes along the side of the breaker. Ibr and yuki mondo was using poppers popping very bard but seems like the cuda's are not interested in poppers anymore.

Hmmm the first lure i pick was a funny one, its a weedless rubber rat that i bought from fishingbuddy quite sometime back.

It will be so cute if the cuda's took it hahahaah but sad cuda's are not interested on it or... they are not here yet....

After about 2 hour of hard working nothing seems to be working hahaha, finally i decided to use my fav lure liao.... even i know someone is cursing me at home.

Cursing i lost fish, cursing i lost lure, cursing i had holes on my lures. Hahahaha even there is holes on my lure is not a problem to me as i can fix it with just a few drop of super glue.

Lol i would say his curse quite powerful lor but not strong enuff lol. I got a fish on the yellow top Angel Kiss 115 with slow retrieving. This time the fight was fun finally get to hear my reel screaming again.

Never lost fish , never lost lure only got a deep hole on the Angel Kiss.

It took me quite awhile to release the fish , after that i check if the lure still floats.... hahahaha the ans is NO..... It became a sinking Angel. But no worries i can fix it with a drop of super glue.

11lb Cuda


Rod: G-loomis GL2 6-12lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa caldia kix 2500
Line: ygk power hunter Pe 2
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Angel Kiss 115
Working method: Slow retrieving

Got to take some rest liao after 9 days in a roll of fishing hahahaha


  1. you should let the angler fly, instead of having his/her wings clipped with holes ma....

    Should let he cuda have it...

  2. Hello... nice blog you have here... how do you fix a "sinking" lure wif superglue? My kten is flooded with water for weeks... I dunno how to get the water out... an idea?

  3. Hi bro i'll get back to you asap with something pls hang on awhile k

  4. Hi bro this is for you