Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fixing Holes on Floating lure

After being hitted by the Barracuda's Strong and powerful jaw and sharp teeth, your lures tend to get holes on it and when water gets into your lure it will not float anymore~~~ :(

Floating lure became sinking lure, this is something what i did to fix the floating lure.

First you have to locate the hole "suck it with mouth! lol" I'll just suck the water out from the hole asap before the thing start to rust or whatever.... oh ya wash the lure first la... lol

Or use something to poke the hole bigger untill its big enuff to insert the injection needles (if the holes are too small). Use the injection needles to suck the water out or if you had a empty daiwa-needlenose-reel-oiler it can also suck the water out from the lure

After draining out the water use sandpapper sand the surrounding a bit, drop a little drop of superglue over the hole wait for few sec than take a pcs of papper to spread glue to cover the hole.

If the hole is to big use tiny tiny.... pcs of tissue paper to block the hole up than drop the glue over it.

Wait for it to dry and sand it down with sandpaper. Apply 1 more final drop of superglue make sure the glue don't seap in, let it dry completely before you sand it again.

Sand down the small little Hump FLAT _________



Hope this help
Good luck


  1. Thanks bro for the great write up and answering my question!
    Will try to find something to suck out the water from y kten... :-)

  2. waaa... i like your little tips to share..

  3. Thank you. It's a good tip. We haven't barracuda in our rivers, but pike also make a hole in the lures.