Friday, January 27, 2012

Mouse fly

Recently hock Heng brings in some mouse fly from china , kinda cute but not sure if it works not lol.

And btw my computer in dead I can't turn it on anymore hope I could get my files back esp my photos!


  1. I like the mouse fly and have been making them for years, They work ok well some of the time haha,
    Hope you can save your pictures from the pc hard drive Alan,
    Good Luck,

  2. Bro do you have any good spot for fishing in singapore..?

    or i can join u guys?

    Email me if yes.. thanks

  3. hi alan chan, how much does one mouse fly cost?

  4. alan bro, u noe any shimano reel that is blue in color, for freshwater luring.. can give me a price too... thx ya.. =)

  5. Hi guys,

    The mouse fly are going at $4.80 retail price of cos i will give discount la hahaha.

    Hi Paddy

    Thank i'm lucky to get my photos out hahaha.

    as for the shimano reel hmmm you can look for the shimano ELF for more details of the reel eh... price i'm not to sure :)