Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kaiser BUllet jig

My and my kakis recently got some of this jig from kaiser each is $5. Gonna try it out tml on southern island area :)

Bullet Jig
Available in 6 colours
Weight: 11g
Length: 3.6cm
Available in 6 colours!


  1. Use them in the Uk with the Hollographics but i never knew they were called bullet jigs,
    Now ime learning somthing new thanks Alan,

  2. Thanks for your advice on light jigging at the shop today, I will try out soon.
    I bought these same jigs today as well, see if they works for me, but need to tie assist hooks for these. Haiz......

    1. haha you are welcome bro hope to see you updating with light jigging reports soon.

      Meet up for kopi soon k