Friday, November 18, 2011

Preparing for my coming local madai trip

This coming Monday will be my first so call madai trip with a boatman call Ricky. His contact was gaven to me from a friend, had seen some of their past catches was consider not bad so decided to give it a try. The boat was big and could hold up to 10 anglers.

This are what I bought for the trip.

Anglers pal 80g,100g
Jigging master 100g
Hinomiya 80g 100g 120g
Shout 150g
Maria 120g
I'll bring along some 40g and 60g just if the current was not that strong ill use them.


  1. What happen to the rat madai?!

  2. It is inside the box liao la, that will be my first to try hahaha