Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Desaru trip on 30 OCT 2011

On the 30th Oct 5 of us went up to desaru for light jigging, this time Mark was with us my first time going off shore with him. But i can say he sure do have the luck on this trip. It was a great weather on that day all of us was burn after the trip but well its a lot of fun hahaha.

Xiao ma ge

This was also our first trip on our boatman's new boat that he got from rompin, it was bigger and faster but price also higher hahaha. He use to charge RM$650 for the smaller boat now the big boat he charge RM$1000.

New boatman of the day lol

On that day aylwin,mark and jarrett hitted the most fish, me and jamie was not that lucky both of use only landed 1 queen each.

Flooding the queen fish photos of them......

what ever jig you drop they go for it as long as its fast! So a HG reel is the best choice.

On this trip we landed about 30 over queen fish all of them were released. I gaven the baktao the contact and now his crazy over going to desaru. you can visit his blog for his report

Next update will be my local madai trip.

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  1. Thats a great amount of fish and there seems to be a lot of excitement and fun on board,
    Excelent blogging as always,