Saturday, October 15, 2011

Desaru trip 25.09.2011

Hi guys lots of work and stuff recently so not much of updates. Went up to desaru again with my kakis,just after the week we came back from rompin. And yah talking about the rompin trip lol i still a waiting for my photos lol guess it will take sometime for him to pass them to me. NVM lesson leant next time i'll use my own camera to take photos too.

Loading in the drinks

ok back to the topic, this was not a good trip as only jamie lands fish hahaha. Jamie landed 2 Tenggiri and a skipjack tuna, the rest of us are just not lucky enough we had hits but no hookups. Apart of luck the tackle and technic are as important, jamie was using a over sized Shimano Stella SW8000PG on his Evergreen Poseidon Spin Jerker Light PE2.5. But this setup gave jamie a faster retrieving speed compared to ours maybe that is why he is hitting the fishes. Going after those Tenggiri you got to be fast, i guess its time to get a HG or an XG reel soon lol as i'm not as fit as him to use such a big reel for light jigging.

Thomas hitted a GT at the light hse but could not stop it, line was cutted off after some hard pulls.

On the light hse that day a few workers are painting the light hse but i think they are gonna that forever to finish the work lol most of the time they are fishing too.

The 8lbs
Bang by a GT
Small tuna
18lbs on JM jigs

We will be back end of this month hope the weather is kind enough to let us out.

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  1. Some great sport there Alan,
    Love the bend in the rod,