Friday, March 11, 2011

My friend first fish in his life.

Few days ago after work me and my friends went to the FW3 freshwater pond to kill some itch and at the same time trying to poison them more into fishing.

First they started with using baits but nothing seems to be biteing, lol i had already hitted a few fish on my self tie flies liao. About an hour later jamie hitted a red tail so he pass the rod to his friend just to let him had a feel of catching a fish.

After that i asked him if he wanted to try using artificial, haha poison poison poison. So i gave him some tips on how its done for using artificial, within 30mins he got his very first fish on his own on the flie i tie.

BTW its not a foul hook

rattlin surf candy

We were there for 2 hours but its good enough all of us had fun hahaha FW3 is still a nice place to visit.

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  1. Looks like you have a new fishing buddy, Thats a great start to anyones fishing fun, Well done that man, Its all in the smile,
    And well done Alan for giving him the chance,