Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 23, 2011 changi boat fishing trip

Last weekend we had a fun fishing trip with ah chong at changi areas, even the catches was not that fantastic but i belif all of us enjoy the company. This was my first offshore trip for year 2011 hahaha lucky enuff i manage to land some small fishes kekeke better then zero


Boat move off at about 8am after we had our breakfast at changi V.

I guess all the land reclamation had changed changi waters quite a bit as from what i see on the tide table and lunar calendar it should be a fast current tide. But lol even small sinker can reach bottom easilly on that day hmmmm.

Anyway xris landed the first blood of the trip kekeke small but well.... its still a catch.

Giant lighter that i got from changi V "$1.50"

1 thing i have to say ah chong are still very hard working whenever there is not much of bites he will shift the boat from spot to spot. Thanks ah chong lol if you happen to see this hahaha.

Jamie landed only 1 fish for the trip but his was the biggest fish of the trip lol


  1. Looks like a great trip. Small fish but still a good time.
    Tight lines

  2. Some really good catches there but the handyest thing is the huge lighter lol,
    Best regards,

  3. Looks like some good catches!

  4. Hi Alan! I like the chermin..can I join u guys next trip?

  5. Hi guys sorry for the late reply hahaha thanks anyway, sometime is not the catch is the company we with.

    Maygumi, we will be booking another trip soon hmmm how you wan me to contact you? msg you on your blog?

  6. Hey there,

    Would you kindly contact me at i would love to know more on how you go about renting the boat and all. thank you so much.


  7. Shammir

    heres the contact
    Ah Chong(Changi) 9695 3036

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