Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 first freshwater catch

Hi guys before i forgotten about it hahaha i better write it down here. i got my first freshwater fish with aylwin about few weeks ago, the few hours trip i only landed 1 fish but i'm very happy with it.

We walk and cast for hours but nothing seems to be taking our lures, we bumped into 2 fly fisherman at that area and they are catching fish de lor.

hmmm hahaha i actually got a fly set from my friends kekeke they gave it to me as a Xmas gift but no chance to try it out. well.....maybe i can learn how to cast from them hahaha so i stop casting my lures and sit somewhere beside watching.

Suddenlly i saw some very small fishes swimming on the surface somewhere near to the weeds,LOL just don't know why i took out my SPRO frog and started to cast at them.

And this is what i get after a few cast.

Rod: G-loomis SJR722 GL2 6-12lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa Bradia 2500R
Line: varivas casting pe 2
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Spro frog

Its so nice to hit a fish on topwater lures hahaha but the sad thing was i'm using high drags hai.... no choice i had to set my drag high to prevent the fish dashing into the weeds.

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  1. Thats a cracker of a Fish Alan, Looks like our perch but much bigger, Well done my friend,