Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ibr's new year fish

Hi guys,

As you can see for the past few weeks i have been doing quite a bit of pond fishing lol pond is still pond lol. I wanted my 2011 fish so badly lol so do ibr, last last...sunday we decided to go for a try. The plan was actually going to a spot which needs to walk a good 45mins but kekeke last min change of plan.

We decided to do a re-visit to a long gave up spot.

Went we reach the place were packed with rods, but the sad thing was not about anglers lol its about the nets. Nets are all over the place we was like WTF! this place is gone for sure. Just don't understand why must ppl do this hahaha anyway we moved on to ground 2 kekeke, lucky that was not the only place around that area.

We are glad that there is no one around so we started casting...

Tide was coming in kinda fast on that day, mullets are around too. suddenly we deard a loud sound Me, sh and ibr knew this sound very well hahahaha its the barra's sucking its pray. 3 of us work double hard for the fish hoping that it were grap any of our lures, an hour later ibr's helco rooster was taken by a small barra

hai... happy for him kekeke small but haha at least he got his first fish liao.


  1. Nice fish and I like the color of that Halco popper. I have never seen that color.

  2. Hi
    That popper looks great.

  3. I am with the other guys here Alan great fish but what a first class Popper,
    Best regards,