Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 visit1 fish landed for me in kyoto

Hi guys its been awhile i last updating my blog again hahaha, kinda busy again... and also nothing much to blog about lol" not much time as well".

Last saturday night me and my friends went over to kyoto heaven for some pond fishing, hmmm how i wish i did not went lol. We started fishing at about 12 plus am and was told that we are the 11th and 12th rods in the pond so they could release 2 more nets of fish in the pond. Oh ok thats great.... "i tot"

But after the 2 nets of fish was released hmmmm lol no one landed anything.....

we spent the whole night there lol our total catch for that night was hmmm 5 if i don't remember wrongly kekeke. Best part was i zero fighter no bites at all for me.........

I'm so sad......

We went home at about 6am

After a few hours of sleep jamie called me asking if i wanna go kyoto again lol , hmmm ok i wanna go to break my dry spell lol.

We met the handler on the previous night he told us that last night only 2 groups of anglers and fish they rest all zero..... i was like OMG.....

i think its a wrong move to come back again after hearing that lol but its too late now.....

And again this pond disappoint me again but luckly enuff i manage to land 1 fish.....

Oh man we should have gone to punggol pond instead of kyoto......


  1. Even though you only caught the one fish, I bet you still had plenty of fun, Hope to see you catching more in the new year,
    All the best Alan and Friends,

  2. looks very bad! Now I know why they have the 6 hrs promo.. because no fish! You make a formal complaint with the manager, Kenny. too bad the forums are down, if not sure kenna flame jialat jialat.

  3. Punggol POND!! Aunty POND!! CHIONG AR CHIONG AR!!

  4. Thanks Paddy, even thats the only fish i still somehow enjoy the fun of fishing hahaha.

    Hi Anonymous

    Sometime i start to think , are we expecting to much or what lol. In the old days PRP charge half of what most of the pond are charging now but yet the catches was at least 5 time more than what we get now lol. I use to go PRP during night if i don't remember wrong it was like $28 for 12hours of fishing... best record was like 50-60pcs of fishes for 3 anglers.

    Now most fishing pond charge 3hours $50 and catch rate sucks lol.

  5. Hi Alan,
    I have been to Kyoto lately and my result was not bad, I guess the fishing timing is very important. Try 7pm to 11pm, anytime after mid night sucks for me. Cheers bro.


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