Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pflueger fishing reels

chop hock heng will be bringing in some new reel from Pflueger, hmmm maybe not much of you guys had heard of this brand in singapore. Today got some free time at work so i took some pics of the reel lol.

Pflueger has produced quality fishing products for over 120 years liao

Recently we had ppl come by to ask about the reels liao esp the new Pflueger Patriarch.hmmm i think there are some reviews in tackletour maybe you can do some search on it hahaha. Oh ya too bad the Pflueger Patriarch are not in the shop now so did not manage to take photos of it hahaha.

Here are some details taken from Pflueger on the Patriarch

Ultra lightweight magnesium body, rotor, and sideplate.
Lightweight double anodized aluminum spool with carbon arbor.
9 Stainless steel ball bearings.
XCR bearings in key locations.
Instant anti-reverse bearing.
Solid aluminum bail wire.
Sure-click™ bail provides an audible signal when bail is fully opened and ready to cast.
Anti-twist titanium coated line roller.
Lightweight carbon handle.
Durable EVA knob.
Solid titanium main shaft.
Sealed carbon drag system.
Convertible left or right hand retrieve.
Spring loaded line clip.
Neoprene protective bag.
Aluminum spare spool.
On/Off anti-reverse.

The one which i had it in the shop now is the Supreme XT

Lightweight durable magnesium body & rotor.
9 stainless steel ball bearings.
Corrosion resistant bearings in key locations.
One-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing.
Smooth sealed carbon fiber drag system.
Double anodized machined aluminum spool with holes.
Aluminum side plate.
Sure-Click™ bail provides an audible signal when bail is fully opened and ready to cast.
Large solid aluminum bail wire.
Anti-twist titanium coated line roller.
Lightweight carbon handle.
Durable EVA knob.
Spare aluminum spool.
Convertible right or left hand retrieve.
On/Off anti-reverse.
Come with a Neoprene reel bag.

hmmm they will be in soon guys lol price of those reel are not EX so i may get 1 of them kekeke.


  1. Hi Alan, A couple of my friends use this reel, They say they are the best on the market, And they always seem to perform to a very high standard, Just remember to save one for yourself as all your buyers will be chasing you for these,

  2. Boss u got bring in the 4410 Micro? How much is the supreme XT and Patriach leh?

  3. For me, Pflueger has always meant “quality in my price range”. There are plenty of better reels for a higher price but this brand has never let me down. Good post.

  4. TT i not very sure about the price yet

  5. Hi Alan,
    Can I check with you is the Patriarch 9530 arrived in your store already? And what is the price? Thank you.

  6. Not yet bro i'm also waiting for it to come in.... thinking of getting 1 for myself too. :)

  7. Bro i saw yr posting on Daiwa Bradia. Now I'm deciding which one to get instead. Bradia, Patriarch 9530 or 9535. 9535 has the same drag strength of 7kg same as the Daiwa 2500 series. So hard to choose. Bro is yr Bradia heavy for luring for long hours?

  8. hi andy

    I'll say go for the bradia! if you are doing more on saltwater fishing. It will be a good choice.

    I'm not saying that the Patriarch is not good.... but i think its more suitable for light freshwater fishing. It will be a great reel going after PBs.

    And for the weight hmmm to me its fine for the bradia.

  9. Bro thank you so much for the advice. Pls let me know when yr Pflueger Patriarch 9535 reel arrives. I want have a spin on the reel. I can't wait to have my hand on them. Bro roughly when will it come? April?

  10. My boss today just told me that it will be in by apr 20th , hopefully this time nothing went wrong again lol or else ppl will throw egg at me liao